Bringing project motorcycles back to the UK!

it’s just what we do!!

1973 Honda CR250m survivor bike

Meet Matt

I’ve been around motor cycles my entire life & have a huge passion for everything on 2 wheels!! Even pedal power!

I’ve been sourcing project bikes in the US since 2016 – it’s a huge passion of mine. I buy all kinds of stuff but my particular passion is old 2 stroke stuff mainly motocross but could be anything interesting.

All the bikes I buy and sell are projects and that to me is the fun – if you’re looking for something thats ready to go, it’s probably not me that you’re going to be buying from.

I love working on bikes for myself but then so do most of my customers.

1985 Honda CR250

How we work

I’ve a load of good contacts in the states who are always on the look out for bikes for me to buy. I also scour adverts in search of good deals to bring back to the UK. I fill 3-4 whole containers of bikes a year and bring them back for sale in the UK

It’s a big task and it’s not just as simple as literally getting them all up for sale on day 1 (I wish it was).

I try to list the bikes I’ve bought that haven’t yet shipped and I also keep a list of the bikes I have here for sale.

If you see anything on the lists then I can put a note on it that you are interested & then when I get to that particular bike I can let you know.

If you are looking something in particular I can try to find it but there is no guarantee unfortunately.

Contact me on 01772 394150 or email